Quiz 4


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Hi peeps. Sorry I have have not done anything for a while, it is because my family and I have just moved but here is another quiz for you from Charlotte E who was the first to comment on my last blog. So here it is:


Do you like zebras or giraffes better?










See you soon,


Quiz 3.


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Hi peeps here is a new quiz for you to do. So the first person to answer will choose the next quiz and because Justine was the first to comment she chose…

Do you like Nickelodeon or Disney Channel?


Bye Peeps

From Anwensj! 🙂 😉





The Effects of Climate Change on Rainforests.


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Hi peeps. Ok for school I had to make a blog post about the effects of climate change on rainforests and I had to answer this question.


How is this impacting our world if at all?

It is impacting our world because when we cut down trees we lose oxygen which we can not live without and we make the OZ layer thinner which may destory the earth in furture years. We also loss lost of rare animals and plant which can not live anywhere else in the world.

Do we need to do anything differently?

We need to stop cutting down the rainforests because we loss animals and plant but insead we should cut down one tree and then plant two in it’s place. We need to make energy in different ways like using whindmills, solar panels and water power so we could use water to get power if you are near water, we could use water instead of petrol to transport things. We could buy, grow and eat local produce so no transport is needed so it saves money and the environment.

From Anwensj.

Quiz 2.


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Ok peeps this is a new quiz it is the hardest of the most hardest quiz. OK ready it is ……

Are you a cat person or a dog person?






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Hi there,

Ok, you are probably wondering why this post is called quiz? Well I thought I would put a quiz on here. So I bet you are wondering what the quiz is, well this is it;

What would you like to have a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever?









The ballad of Pondlife McGurk!


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Hi peeps,


A few weeks ago I went to the:


To see:


We got there by the train and by taxi.  The show was about two boys named Martin and Simon being friends and getting bulled by the Neanderthals (that are the mean boys and girls) at school.  Simon got the nickname Pondlife because he got thrown into a pond by one of the bullies. Then one day Martin turned and bulled Simon because he starred in the soccer team and he became popular and they stopped being friends. Years later Martin remembered Simon and looked on the internet and saw him on there and found out that he was famous. He wrote to Simon and he asked if they would like to meet up sometime and then he said to himself “I bet he will not even remember me.” But then he found a letter from Simon saying “Yes of course he remembered Martin and he would like to meet.” they arranged to see each other.

This show was really interesting and I really enjoyed it.

Reflection Time.


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Hi there,

For homework we had to write a post on If we were a year 5 teacher. I have only been in Roseville Collage for a term now because I was living in England.

Q. What would I change?

A. Sometimes we are given a choice weather to hand write it or to type it. I feel that we should sometimes not be allowed to type it on the computer. Sometimes the computer can change what you have written by using spell check.

Q. What would I add?

A.  We should add some drama lessons in because we do not do any now and it would be a lot of fun to do. We could link it to English, History and Art.

Q. What would I take away?

A. It is really hard to decide what to take out so I have now decide that there is nothing really to take out.


The Bird!


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One night my Dad, Mum and I saw a bird but we do not know what it is so if you know what it is please leave a comment with the name. This is a image of it:

What type of bird am I?


One of my favourite songs.


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Here is one of the  many songs that I like.


I hope you like it.

If you have a blog you may put them on your blog. I know I have said this but I hope you like them.

The Bees!


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At my house we had a very exciting thing happen to my mum and I.We came home from school one day and then my mum and I saw a big(very big in fact) bees nest in the tree next to where we park.Two days after we first saw the bees, the bee man came round to get rid of them. They were gone or so we thought!Four days after we thought they had gone they came back! But they were by our kitchen window,coming in the house. My dad had to hover them up (it was so funny to watch my dad hover them up) Then we had no more. This  was very good. We now look at for bees.

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